Restaurant POS

Windows Version

Retail Software

Windows Version

Salon Software

Windows Version
  • Suitable for Facial, Saloon, manicure, Foot Spa, Doctor, Fitness, etc industries
  • Membership management, Message retail etc, booking notification
  • Can use offline, have employee commission system
  • upport Win7/Win 8/Win 10 Systems

  • Video Training


Automatic online ordering

Mobile Version

Gicater tablet Software

Android version/IOS version
  • 12/2019 latest update
  • personalised design, self-setting of menu
  • ipad ordering system, with pictures and words, all new experience
  • Support apple ipad and android at the same time

  • Word help

Mobile Ordering

Android version
  • 5 kinds of ordering types, no need of memorising serial numbers
  • Pinyin, 5 pens, handwritter, serial number and classification
  • Easy to use, clear layout
  • Support android system, very stable

  • Word help

Membership management system

Cloud version
  • Local members will all upgrade to cloud version
  • Simplifies chinese, members information are all there
  • Lot's of functions and membership point system
  • Supports Google Chrome, IE, Firefox etc browsers

  • Word help

Warehouse management system

Cloud-based version
  • Upgrade to cloud to have big data service
  • Supports auto stock out feature and remind you when the stock is low
  • In and out reocrds are clear, and you can set up plans based on the data
  • Supports Google Chrome, IE, Firefox etc browsers

  • Word help

Wechat ordering System

Mobile Version
  • Scan QR Code outside restaurant to use
  • Save queueing time
  • Restaurants can manage their own official account
  • Protect loyal customer, and develop new customers

  • Word help

Kitchen display system

Windows Edition
  • Sync the orders from the cashier
  • Build a restaurant that is digitalised
  • support monitors and get rid of printers
  • Support Windows Desktop/ Windows 8 system

  • Word help

Kitchen Dish Management System

Windows Edition
  • Sync the orders from the cashier
  • Connect multiple printers at once
  • Cook's performance report, easy management
  • Send out dishes, smart check features

  • Word help

Automatic payment system

IOS version
  • Customer can pay automatically when ordering
  • Supports cash, wechat,alipay etc methods
  • Digital menu phots etc features
  • Easy to use, and smart service experience

  • Word help

Pay me

Android version

Go Star business shop

Mobile Version
  • Easy to open your own shop
  • One step to generate multiple shops
  • SMS notification for order status, flexible to add tips
  • Depth Marketing for your customers

  • Word help

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