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Gicater Software have been serving more than 21,000 Restaurants, Ordering and Receiving more than 1.9 million payments everyday without mistake, with an easy and simple dining software that supports Chinese, English and Spanish.
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Restaurant types that we service

Chinese Food

Western Food

Fast Food


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Japanese and Korean Food

Bubble Tea and Coffee


Functions that out customers like

Without internet, softwares will still works like normal
Gicater Software works on Windows, even if there's no internet In the store, the software can still work normally
Gicater Software is the design and sevice of all restaurants in the world, we have supported 10+ main languages, including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Uyghurche, English, Spanish, Portugese, Arabic, German, Italian. If you don't see your country's language in here, please contact us, we will add your language for free.
Cost of Dishes Card
Gicater software can help you set up a cost card for every dishes, calculate all the cost of the dishes individually, before selling each dish, automatically deduct the ingredients needed.
Online Orders
Gicater can sync the dishes into the internet. Owners may create their own delivery online shop with a press of a button, after 5 minutes, the owners can accept online orders. The software wlll provide the customers with two delivery choices inclusing pick-up and delivery.


Self-Controled deskrop
Restaurants may follow their own floor plan, set up the location of the desktop by themselves
Fast food
Gicater software provides service and food like bubble tea, fast food, burger fried chicken and desserts to customers, designed a very efficient fast food mode. You can see the ordering system and manymore in the fast food mode.
Busy customers, will often have no time to sit down and enjoy their food, they hope to take away. Gicater software has a dedicated button fot people that want's to pick-up, let cahiers serve these customers quickly.
Phone orders
Gicater can sync the dishes into the internet. Owners may create their own delivery online shop with a press of a button, after 5 minutes, the owners can accept online orders. The software wlll provide the customers with two delivery choices inclusing pick-up and delivery.
Divide Bill
When paying bills, Gicater Software has a special bill divide feature, AA feature and a bill combining feature, provide a flexible bill paying method for the customers that dine there.


Gicater Software classifies the dishes into categories, and sends them to the printer in different departments. The type of printing can be chosen; The dishes that goes to the same department can be printed together in a small paper. You can also, print individual papers.
Kitchen display system KDS
Gicater Siftware has designed a kitchen display system for western restaurant. KDS can speed up the kitchen's process and can accurately control the time for the dishes to be ready
Serve time control
The dish management of Chinese restaurant is different from that of the Western restaurant. Gicater Software designed table management, dish timeout reminder, dish making time management system for Chinese restaurants. This product has been used in wooden house barbeques.


Employees acceessibility
Gicater has set up different accesibilities for different roles like Store Owner, Manager, Server and Cashier. Users can also defined their own roles, and limit the account's software functions and assebility.
Delete reminder
All send backs, refunds will be recorded in the system, making sure no loopholes.


Cash management
Gicater software can calculate the cash in the cashier, accurately record the opening balance of the cash reserve, and the payments, helping cashier to get a hold of the situation.
Mobile Payment
Gicater Software includes Wechat Pay and Alipay scanning payment
Service Tax
Gicater Software supports all types of taxes in all countries. Restaurants may follow local government's requirement, set up different taxes on dishes, and print them on receipts.
US tips, the waiter takes the tip alone, and all the others share the distribution of the tip.


Membership points
Gicater Software can set bonus points and points redemption gifts. The credit mechanism can encourage customers, to often come to the restaurant to spend, and cultivate customer loyalty.
The Gicater software has account function. The restaurant provides a monthly account for the company's customers, and the account is closed at the end of the month.
Top-up card
Gicater software can set up a top-up card. The prepaid card can be issued to the customer as a meal card or gift card.


Cashier computer POS
Windows ordinary computer, touch screen machine, dual screen machine, Win10 tablet, all can run the guest software. The operating systems we support are Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10.
Heat-sensitive printer, needle printer. We can support 95% printers in the market.
When receiving cash, the software will automatically open the cashier. You can set restrictions on every employee. All records of cashier opening will be recorded in the log book.
Bank Card POS
We can connect Heartland, First Data, NETS's credit card machine. If you don't see the machine you use, please contact us, we will help you to add it with a reasonable fee.
Mobile payments need a scanner. Logging stocks need to use scanner. Checking receipts will also need a scanner.

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