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Gicater Retail Software, specifies on Overseas Chinese Market, Retail design that includes a dummy version for Invoicing Management.No training needed, only need 1 minute to learn. Let Gicater software,
be your best partner in your business.

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Which type of retail customer we serve?



3C Products

Mother & Baby


Shoe Industry




Car Accessories

Easy to use warehouse

Stock in

If you have product details, a scan will send it to the warehouse

If it's the first time stocking the product, a scan will add the product.

Supported product: Normal products, Multi-Variable products, Connected- products

Stock Out

Sales will automatically deduct the stock count

Manual sales stock out

Check Amount

Low stock alert

Recent stock in, stock out time, amount and price

export products to excel

sell many types of products

multi-variable products

suitable for Clothing and Smartphone products

One product can have a lot of variable, for example: size, colour

One variable is one size, easy to sell


Suitable for Jewelry products

All products have unique serial numbers

Weighted products

Suitable for Fresh seafood products

When selling, set the price on the sale

Number printing

Self-setting of tag description

Inputing the product description will create a serial number automatically

Self-setting of tag description and font, and layout

Connect serial number printer

Self-setting of description and amount when printing, easy and fast


Membership points

One memebrship card can reload, spend, accumulate and discount. Restaurants may print cards or can use customer's phone number as membership number.

Customer Interaction

Opning card, Reload, Spend, Report Losses, Etc, Member's software will automatically send notification message. Restaurants can also send seasonal greetings and birthday wishes

Wechat member

Customer's can follow the restaurant'ts wechat official account, check promotion messages, understand their membership level and points

Pay Payment

Traditional Payment

Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card

Mobile Payment

Wechat Payment, Alipay, Paypal, can also help local payment.

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