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Gicater Beauty Industry software, works with industries that beautify life and provide high quality cahier and retail system,
product is suitable for all size of businesses that are in the beauty industry including hair, nails, sauna shops or franchise,
let Gicater software be your best partner in your business

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More members, more income

Membership creation

Solid card: ID card, IC card, membership card

Virtual card: Phone number as card number, email as card number

Membership top up

Reload 100, free 10

Reload 100, get 100 membership points

Membership points

Spend 100 RMB, Get 10 points

Aniversary period, get double points for spending

Spending notification

Message notification: Supports China Mainland, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, and other overseas countries

Email notification: High speed email server

Customer Booking, Increase the shop's response

Phone booking

Cashiers will accept calls from customer, and key in the booking details into the software, the software will automatically send a confirmation message to the customer

Mobile online booking

Customer book therough webpage, the software will automatically send a confirmation message to the customer

Employee's commission

Product Service
All service products can set 4 commission's at most. For example, a saloon can set 2 types of comission, one for the barber and one for the hair dryer employee, with different amount of comission
Service Comission
Set up different amount of commission for different types of service and levels of service, maximising the flexibility
Sales Commission
Different products can have different comission. And can set commission for part time employees to have more flexiblity in selling

Product management

Bi-lingual display
Product Name can have 2 different languages
Products can have multi-variable and for different variable set different price
Set up vouchers to increase the sales

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Contact Developing Engineers

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